What’s Your Walking Speed?

I was reading in 1 John earlier and got pricked by, “whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked” (1 John 2:6). This verse has many lessons to glean about living a life like His, but what got me was a literal question. Do I walk “in the same way in which he walked?” If I reflect on my own pace and purpose, I don’t walk like Jesus. I either walk like the devil is chasing me or drive like the devil is pushing me. I use a swiftness in transit that gets me where I am going with efficiency. No time wasting for me!

I am not entirely certain what pace Jesus would have used, but the average person walks about three miles an hour. If I use this as a gauge for ideal speed, I am practically sprinting through my days. At three miles an hour, I could take in my surroundings. I could see dew drops on flower petals and cobwebs on bushes. I could hear bees buzz and children laugh. More importantly, at that rate, I could walk with someone else and actually have a conversation. I could use my slower pace to connect with other people.

My purpose does not line up with Jesus’ either. I use walking simply to get me from one place to another. I often brush people off along the way or ask them to walk with me and speak as quickly as they are able. Jesus’ purpose was clear; He walked to connect. He used his deliberate pace to gather disciples and spread the Gospel. When He was on earth, He showed people that He cared by being with them, by walking with them. He still does. He walks with all of his followers. He would walk with me if I slowed down and let Him.

So if three miles per hour is Jesus’ pace, and connecting with people to spread the Gospel is my intended purpose, I need to slow down. Right now I am going so fast that I may not see all of what God is calling me to see. Though I recognize the billboard-sized messages, I am missing the small signs and opportunities He sets before me. I am not seeing the sadness behind a coworker’s smile or the glisten of the tears that are welling up in her eyes as she eats her lunch. By slowing myself down and walking as Jesus walked, I have a chance to experience some of the great joys of being a Christ-follower. I can put a hand on the shoulder of a sad coworker, creating an opportunity for her to feel safe to share her hurts. I can help a neighbor carry in her groceries on a rainy afternoon and maybe stay for tea and a chat. By slowing down, I not only get to be with Jesus, but I also I get to be Jesus’ ambassador to those with whom I walk. By slowing down, I can connect with people and hopefully create an opening to connect them with Jesus.


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