Clear Skies Ahead

Last month my family and I had to cross the Delaware Bay on the Cape May- Lewes Ferry.  When we left New Jersey it was clear and sunny. When we arrived in Lewes, Delaware, it was also clear and sunny.  But the moments in between were not. In the middle of the bay, the boat was surrounded by fog. As I walked my daughter to the front of the ship, we could not see any water ahead of us.  The fog horns blared. As we walked to the back of the boat, you could see a small streak of water beside the boat, but that was all. As we peered back to where we came from, we could see the churning water left by the propellers, then white; a giant cloud sitting on the water.  It was scary, eerie, mysterious, and yet a little magical.

As I held my baby, I thought about how our lives were in the captain’s hands.  At any moment something could come out of the fog, unseen, and stop us in our tracks.  Or at any moment the fog could break into a beautiful blue, sunshine filled sky - as it ultimately did at our final destination.  

As I stared off the back of the ship, I was reminded of God.  Here on Earth we are on God’s ship, steered by Him. As we go through life, we can see a little of everything that is going on around us, but mostly just in our “bubble.”  We can also see most of our past - behind us. And we all have some memories we want to keep hidden. With God’s forgiveness, mercy, and grace, we can leave them in the fog. None of us can see ahead.  We cannot predict what will lie in front. We can try to plan, but we just don’t know when or what will bump us off our track. As Christians, we pray. We sound our fog horns! We have faith, hope, and joy. We put our trust in God that he will bring us to the bright, shining sky of our final destination.

As we begin a new year, let us remember God set forth a path for each of us. I always feel the end of summer signifies the start of a new year, even more than the start of a new calendar year.  The kids are going back to school. Vacations are most likely coming to an end. New schedules are starting up. Even at church: our Sunday teachings are starting anew, new Bible studies are beginning, MOPs is kicking back into gear, NextGen teams are ready to go, and so much more!  Let us trust God as the Captain of our ship: to direct us on the right path and assure us that we will be okay, because he has a plan for each of us!. 

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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