From the Mouths of Babes

My toddler learned a Vacation Bible School song that we’ve all been singing frequently over the past couple of weeks from the Roar! VBS program called I’m Trusting You

The chorus goes (sing along if you know it!):

Wherever you lead me, I’m gonna follow

I’m trusting you God: You are good! 

Life will get crazy, wild and amazing

I’m trusting you God: You are good! 

It’s a catchy song and we really do sing it often; I’ve even overheard my son on the baby monitor singing it in his crib. (I have to admit it’s pretty cute to hear a 2-year-old singing “You! Are! Good!” on his own.)

While it might seem to be a simple truth to which we can all say “Yes, of course God is good,” the more the song comes to mind, the more I realize how deeply critical this truth is to my faith. 

Our family is facing a few uncertainties right now and when worry and doubt creep into my mind, this song has been a reminder that God is good – All the time. All the time – God is good. 

When my son walks into the room singing “Walk through the valley, climb mountains high – wherever we go, Lord, you are good!” it is a sweet reminder from the Lord that no matter what lies ahead, we can trust that he is good. While my son may not yet understand what valleys in life can be like, God is using him to remind me that I don’t need to let the enemy get a foothold of fear in my life as we face the unknown in our lives. 

But what does it mean that God is good? Does it mean life is easy and because he loves us, everything just works out for us? I don’t see that anywhere in the Bible. 

I see God taking away family and fortune from Job. 

I see God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son.

I see Jesus mourning the death of his friend Lazarus. 

I see the first church being persecuted, arrested, and murdered for the sake of the gospel. 

But, I also see that God is good.

He never leaves his people.

He expands his kingdom through each of these hardships.

And he restores Job, Abraham, and Lazarus even in earthly ways. While life doesn’t go as they would have planned or expected, God brings them through the trials to a deeper place of faith and trust in Him. 

On Sunday Willowdale Pastor Greg Lafferty preached about God’s faithfulness and how we should look at past proof of God’s faithfulness as confidence about His future promises to us. 

The past proofs in scripture in the few examples I mentioned above (and of course there are others) give me confidence that God is good, no matter what our family might face. His future promise includes the promise that he will be with us, that he has a plan for us, and that everything he allows in our life can be used for his glory. 

I’ll claim those promises from a God who is always good and who never changes, whether my life is happy and easy or incredibly hard - and everything in between. 

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Get to Know The Blogger…

What is a phrase or word you always say?

Y’all. I’m from Georgia and I love efficiency so, this one will forever be a part of my vernacular. Y’all go ahead and give it a try…who needs to say “you guys” when “y’all” just rolls off the tongue so well?

What is a song that you blast or belt out when you are alone?

There are so many. Most things remind me of a song, so it really depends on the day. Lately it’s been a lot of Johnnyswim “Ring the Bells.”

Do you love playing any sports, or just watching it?

I’m a fan more than a player, and I’m hoping my sons didn’t get my below average athletic skills! College football is my favorite, but I also like watching golf, soccer, and most of the Olympics.