What Mothers Need to Navigate Life’s Journey

When I looked at the calendar and realized my post was right before Mother’s Day, I just knew writing it would be easy. I thought I could rehash a funny anecdote from my 15 years of parenting our three children, or maybe write something poignant that tugged at your heartstrings about mothering. But as I sit here, none of that comes to mind. I can’t think of one pithy or moving story about parenting. Instead, all of my doubts, fears and failures press down on me.

Truth be told, I don’t really like this holiday. Now, I know that that may not be the case for you but I remember clearly, so clearly, the years I spent longing to be a mom and pasting a happy look on my face just to get through the day. I remember crying silent tears of pain when helpful people at church would look at me and tell me that “next year would be my year.” I also remember my friends walking journeys of pain and sorrow, because they are missing their babies, or their moms, or are longing for a repaired mother/daughter relationship.

So without a funny, moving or joy-filled story to tell, I realized that my post needed to be about the fact that being a parent has revealed my heart and all my faults in ways that surprised me. It’s almost like parenting put a spotlight on my selfishness, my pride, and all the other hidden corners of my heart, and announced “Here, this is an area she needs to work on!” But at the same time, this parenting journey has also revealed my need for a savior like nothing else has. It has revealed that I am not enough on my own. Only with God have I found the answer of to how to navigate this journey successfully.

Over the past 20 years of desiring to be a mom and then becoming a mom, my prayers have pretty much had the same theme -- “Lord, I need you. Please help me to understand, guide me and show me that you’re here.” Sure, the specifics have changed, but the bottom line is that I need God daily. And not just for parenting but for everything. The closer I am to God, the more equipped I am to handle the day.

God, the perfect father, puts our transgressions as far as the east is from the west and has compassion on us (Psalm 103).  Which allows me to continue on the path set before me with the promise that I’m not alone. That when I call on Him he hears me and is with me.

My hope is that for all my faults and failings as a mom, my children see God through me. That they see a mother who loves them above all else, even though I make mistakes or yell at them or don’t extend patience when I should.  My prayer is that my parenting will point them to God. That they will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God loves them more than I do and that they can turn to Him when they need Him.

And that is my prayer for you too. I hope that regardless of feelings about Mother’s Day that you know God loves you, God sees you and God is there for you.  


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