Summer in God’s Word

Psalm 104:34 “May my meditation be pleasing to him, as I rejoice in the Lord.”

Summer brings out the relaxation in all of us, with heading to the beach, dangling our feet in the pool, or sleeping in a little longer. It is one of the times of the year I treasure most because I get to spend so much  time with family and friends. But if I am honest, I can get a little too relaxed in spending time with Jesus. I often let other activities and family vacations get in the way of my quiet time.

My encouragement is for all of us to spend a little less time relaxing and a little more time focusing on God’s word -- intentionally carving out space to pray, read and praise God despite vacation schedules. I would recommend picking a book of the Bible and digging deep into each verse, reading a book with a focus on Jesus, cleaning your house with music blaring with praise and worship songs, or listening to a podcast. There are lots of ways to dive in! In the comments, share how you plan to study God’s word this summer.


Get to know the blogger

Do you love playing any sports, or just watching it?

In high school and college I was really active and competitive on all the sports teams that I could be! I played field hockey, basketball, softball and track. Now that I am an adult, I have been trying to learn how to play golf. It has been a really fun way to be outside and learn something new. One good hit all round brings me back for the next time.

Do you have children? And how many?

I have two girls that are 13 and 11. They keep me busy with soccer, softball and playing outside together. I am also a foster parent to 3 children right now that are sweet and a joy to take care of. We have been blessed beyond measure despite our journey of multiple miscarriages, and praise God for all He has given us.